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Benefits of Salt Grains

Benefits of Salt Grains

The salt crystals from the Himalayan Rock Salt Range, is a 100% natural product and contains up to 84 minerals in their composition. There are lot of Benefits of Salt Grains. Being known and used since a long time due to the high and low pressure of its surroundings, the Himalayan salt is pure and […]

Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan Salt Chunks, Crystals and Grater Stones  are an eye-catching way to carry our popular Ancient Himalayan Rock Salt in your store or spa. Beautiful quartz-like pieces of pure Himalayan salt in hues of pink are mined from ancient salt deposits deep in the Himalayas, and hand-sorted for the best size, color & quality. Available […]

White Salt Lamps in Natural Shape

White Himalayan Salt Lamps are available in Natural Shape. It is hand carved from selected premier quality Himalayan crystal white rock salt, excavated from the foothills of Himalayas; 500 millions year old. Best for asthma cure salt lamps, mounted on a beautiful rose wooden base. White salt lamps called “ Snow White Natural Lights “ […]