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How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are very common in use for health benefits. These crystals are carved from Himalayan Rock Salt Range situated in Pakistan. To make a salt lamp these are hollowed out to fit a light-bulb inside. When you light them; they give out a warm reddish-Orange glow. Users of Salt Lamps says that […]

Reasons To Keep A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room

Himalayan Salt Lamps are manufactured for the Rock Salt derived from foothills of Himalayan Salt Range located in Pakistan. Himalayan Salt Lamps are considered as an organic, natural remedy for Asthma and Allergies. Aside from this health benefit salt lamps also emit a relaxing, tranquil glow that benefits emotional well-being by reducing irritability & depression, […]

How to Clean your Salt Lamp

Salt Lamps are made from Himalayan Rock Salt Range and this is 100% Natural product. So while you are thinking about to clean your salt lamp; please follow the below given instructions. Wipe the Lamp with the damp (not soaking wet) towel or sponge in order to remove dust. Once cleaned, dry the lamp with […]


Speleotherapy is a process that involves using the health enhancing effect of salt mines or caves to ease asthma. It is an old and yet popular alternative therapy. Speleotherapy means to be located in a room or area with a presence of Salt Crystal Rock and to breathe the ionized air. Speleotherapy is a therapeutic measure in […]


Ionization is the process whereby atoms and molecules become electrically charged, forming ions. An atom can gain one or more electrons to form a negative ion or lose electrons to form a positive ion. Air ionization refers to the ionization of air molecules. This can take place as a result of various natural processes, or a device can […]