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Salt Lamps in Natural Shape with Size & Weight

Salt Lamps in Natural Shape with Size & Weight

Product Description This 100% all-natural Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect addition to your office, practice room, or even a small bedroom. Use them as matching pieces to increase the overall protection radius, such as in a dining room or kitchen. Hand carved Himalayan salt crystals Lamp You can change the color of the bulb […]

Negative Ions

In nature negative ions are created by means of wind, sunlight, surf, waterfalls and rainstorms. Genrally; a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oexgen. The human body is surrounded by ions; therefore, the function of electrons inside and outside the cells has significant influence on the human body. It makes the […]

Natural Air Purifier

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps has health benefits. Many users of Himalayan Salt Lamps claim that negative ions released by heating of salt lamps boost blood flow and it improve sleep. It increase the level of serotonin & oxygen level in brain and calm allergy like asthma symptoms.  Himalayan Rock Salt is hygroscopic; so the lamps […]

Natural White Salt Lamp

White Natural Salt Lamps is beautiful Himalayan Natural Rock Salt product. It is one of its kind.   Use this lamp in bedrooms, living rooms, hall ways or anywhere else where you want to create a tranquil, cozy, relaxing and serene atmosphere. For the Office and Computer users: Place a Salt Lamp near your computer to reduce fatigue and […]

Natural Salt Lamps


Salt lamps are produced from a naturally clear or opaque from of Himalayan Rock Salt. Light Passes through the Himalayan Rock Salt easily, creating a warming glow. Himalayan Rock Salt in its Natural form, has been hollowed out to create a unique lamp and the tower effect is achieved by splitting and chipping along natural […]