Natural crystals of Himalayan salt are shaped by hand to use as cleansing and scrub bars. Like pumice stones, Himalayan Salt Scrub Bars can be used to gently exfoliate your skin. The scrub bars can also be used to soften and smooth areas of rougher skin like elbows and heels. Salt bars can be used like soap to cleanse the grit and grime of everyday life as well as deep clean chemical residues from your skin. Unlike most soap products that contain chemicals, the salt bars are all natural and will not leave residues behind. The scrub bars are available in a variety of shapes to fit comfortably in your hand while applying to the skin. Salt scrub bars will dissolve slowly depending upon how frequently you use the bar. To place a bulk order of Salt Massage Bars; you may contact us by whatsapp: +92-331-8470841 or write us by email:

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